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Engines are the main source of propulsion for ships and torpedoes. A ship without an engine will not move.

engine designer

Engine tech

Engine technology defines the base power output for an engine. The power of the engine is used by the propulsion system to generate thrust which is the force that moves the ship around in space.

There different technologies for engines with increasing base power output. The player starts with a few and researches more as the game progresses.

Engine tech Base power output Base mass Base fuel usage Base cost Base htk Base crew Base heat
Ion 30.000 50 1000 1500 100 5 250
Conventional 10.000 55 1200 2500 80 10 400
Plasma 50.000 65 1400 4000 40 20 800

Engine Mod

Engine modifiers allow the player to increase the output of the engine by implementing modifications to the basic engine design. These mods will increase the fuel consumption of the engine but the mass of the engine will remain constant and the engine will generate more thrust. High output mods are useful if you want to design an engine for a nimble ship that needs high power/mass ratio to move around quickly but isn't designed for long-term missions.

The fuel consumption per mod is calculated based on the formula

 fuel mod = thrust mod ^ 2.5

The settings key for the exponential mod is `engine_fuel_mod`

Engine size

The engine size reflects the number of identical engine compartments that will be installed in this engine design. This is another way of increasing engine thrust output but as opposed to mods it will converse fuel but increase the engine mass. These type of engines are useful for ships that are designed to be heavy and not maneuverable.

Engine production/consumption vectors