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The game is a struggle between different races and factions to gain control of the galaxy. Your role as the admiral of the fleet of the kind you choose is to command your forces in battle for this purpose. Your side will have a government which will take care of managing the economy and will give you a budget for your fleet design. You will have a "reputation" score which indicates your relationship with the government leaders. If your reputation falls below a certain score your government will fire you, which means the game is over. Check the politics section for more information on the political aspects.

Each race/faction has a different set of starting bonuses and perks.

Terran federation

  • starting budget: 30M
  • +1 starting engine tech
  • starting dock size 14.000
  • ship building speed 1x
  • colonies: 8

United Colonies of Mars

  • starting budget: 25M
  • +1 power core tech
  • starting dock size 15.000
  • ship building speed 0.8x
  • colonies: 12

Russo Terran Alliance

  • starting budget: 40M
  • +1 power core tech
  • starting dock size 16.000
  • ship building speed 0.8x
  • colonies: 15

Chinese Celestial Empire

  • starting budget: 120M
  • starting dock size: 25.000
  • ship building speed: 1x
  • colonies: 17

Neo Ottoman Empire

  • starting budget: 35M
  • starting dock size: 20.000
  • ship building speed: 1.2x
  • colonies: 16

Development notes

Settings keys

  • races_trf_docksize - initial docksize for a race
  • races_trf_ecogrowth - initial economic growth factor
  • races_trf_shipbuild - initial ship building speed factor
  • races_trf_budget - initial budget
  • races_reputation - initial reputation
  • races_unrest - initial unrest