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Ship classes are blueprints for the ships that player will produce and add to his fleet.

The first ship constructed from a class will cost 25% more than the rest to compensate for the cost of researching and putting the ship class design together. You may create as many designs as you like.

Ship class designer


ship classes are design using the ship class designer tool. This tool has 3 parts to aid in the class creation

  • Components
  • Armor
  • Weapons

All the components the player has designed and researched will appear in list boxes in the ship designer.

Components tab

Available components

The is the tab to design the main components of the ship such as engines, power core, fuel tanks, life support, engineering bays etc. Components are grouped by function for convenience and can be installed by double-clicking on them. A single-click on the available component list will display the provides/consumes vectors of the component. A

Installed components

This list displays the components that will be included in the design. Components of the exact same design will be grouped and displayed together in the list even though they are installed as separate components on the ship. To remove an installed components double click on the component in the installed component list.


The totals display shows the totals calculated from the installed components mass, HTK, heat, cost and the provides/consumes vectors. s the components are installed the ship totals will be updated in the totals group with indicators showing "OK", "ERR" or "WRN" to \ convey if the design is valid. A warning ("WRN") label can be ignored but the ship from this design may suffer penalties or operational difficulties. Error labels must be fixed for the design to be considered valid and accepted.

Component data

This section will display the provides/consumes vectors information of the selected component.

Armor tab


The armor designer will help the player install armor to different locations on the ship. Each armor will have a different mass, protection (HTK) and cost per area. The player must take into consideration these parameters when installing armor on the ship class, as installing multiple layers on a ship will make the ship resilient at the cost of increasing mass and cost which will make the ship slower and expensive.

To install armor drag and drop the armor from the available armor list onto the ship location. Armors are installed in layers with the top most armor in the list being the bottom most layer. Damage will penetrate through the layers before reaching the internal components of the ship.

The area of the ship locations are calculated based on the mass of the ship and will change when you add/remove components from your design. The area of the ship is divided according to the following table between the parts of the ship

bow 15%
stern 10%
port 37.5%
starboard 37.5%

showing the percentage of armor area each location of the ship would take.

The area of the section of the ship is calculated according to

 layer-modifier = layer ^ 3
 base-area = hull mass * percentage of section from table above
 area = base-area * layer-modifier

This means that the area will increase exponentially with the layer count and so will the mass, cost, and HTK of the armor. All properties of armor are accumulated when calculating the totals.

To remove an installed armor from a location, double click on the installed armor.